> from the Greek Mythology

A renowned craftman, sculptor, artist, inventor and builder of the Labyrinth. He fashioned the wings with which he and his son Icarus escaped from Crete after their imprisonment by Minos.

dae-dal (means)
Ingenious and complex in design or function; intricate. Finely or skilfully made or employed; artistic.


DAEDALUS CREATIVE SERVICES is a brand engineering and marketing communications company specializing in PUBLIC IMAGE CREATION & MANAGEMENT, for all types of businesses, products and events.

We create brand identities, what we call PUBLIC IMAGE and we implement them in a communication plan for desirable results, extraordinary expressions of visual and verbal language that stops people and invites them to interact. It's all about grabbing ones attention and engaging people in the very idea of your business. We then help you establish a relationship and continue the brand journey.

We see opportunity where others might see problems. We take great steps to understand the uniqueness of ones business. We come up with a strategic plan of action and we proceed with control, great skills, and discipline. We create simple, memorable, unique and engaging brands.


Daedalus is a team of qualified creative professionals. Thinkers, creators, solution providers and brand engineers.

The company was founded in 2007 by Renos Demetriou after an extensive career as a creative professional in the communications design business in Europe (Greece, Cyprus and the UK) and the United States where he studied and started his career. He also founded the Cyprus Creative Club, a creative professional's organization which is a member of the Art Directors Club of Europe comprising of 22 European country club members. Renos is also a member of the ADC*E board and served as a judge on several occasions at the European Best of the Best Advertising and Design Awards.


Clients are now choosing their agencies more carefully, preferring those who can offer more than just design or advertising. Because of our skills and nature as a brand engineering and marketing communications agency, Daedalus Creative Services is an appropriate and appreciated choice.